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Perimeter Drain Tiles

Drain tiles, or weeping tile systems are a crucial part of a building's foundation, particularly in areas with heavy rainfall or high water tables like Vancouver, BC. These tiles are installed around the foundation of a building to direct water away from the structure, preventing damage to the foundation and basement. In this article, we will explore the benefits of installing drain tiles in both residential and commercial properties in Vancouver, BC.

 Professional drainage team at work, installing and repairing drain tiles to ensure optimal water management for residential and commercial properties


Drain Tile Repairs & Installations

Throughout Vancouver's lower mainland, many residential properties are built on soil with a high water table. This means that water can accumulate around the foundation of the house, which can cause serious damage if not addressed. Water damage can result in cracked foundations, mold growth, and flooded basements. Drain tiles are an effective solution to this problem.

Drain tiles work by creating a barrier between the soil and the foundation of the house. They are installed below the foundation and around the perimeter of the house or building. Water is collected by these drain tiles, which are perforated PVC pipes, and then directed away from the foundation through a series of pipes into the city's drain system. This system is designed to prevent water from accumulating around the foundation, reducing the risk of water damage.

Installing or replacing drain tiles can be a significant investment for homeowners, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial cost. Not only do drain tiles protect the foundation of the house from water damage, but they also improve the overall value of the property. In addition, installing drain tiles can help to prevent water from seeping into the basement, which can result in mold growth and other health hazards.

Efficient and well-maintained sump pump system, crucial for preventing basement flooding and water damage

Strata & Multi-Family Properties

Strata buildings or multi-family properties in Vancouver, BC are subject to many of the same challenges as residential properties when it comes to water damage. However, the impact of water damage can be even more severe for businesses. Water damage can result in lost revenue, inventory damage, and liability concerns. Drain tiles are an important investment for any commercial property owner looking to protect their business from water damage.

Drain tiles are often installed around the perimeter of the building and in the parking lot. This helps to prevent water from accumulating in low-lying areas, reducing the risk of flooding. Drain tiles can also be installed in areas where water may collect, such as loading docks or shipping areas. This ensures that any water that does collect is quickly directed away from the building.

One of the main benefits of installing drain tiles in commercial properties is the reduction in liability concerns. Installing drain tiles can help to prevent these accidents, reducing the risk of liability claims.

Why hire the pros?

Drain Tile Benefits

Overall, the benefits of installing drain tiles in both residential and commercial properties in Vancouver, BC are clear. Drain tiles protect the foundation of the building from water damage, improve property value, and reduce liability concerns. If you are a homeowner or business owner in Vancouver, BC, it is worth considering the investment in drain tile installation to protect your property and your investment.

Skilled technician opening a sewer hatch for septic tank inspection and maintenance

Expert Drain Tile Inspections

When choosing a contractor to install drain tiles, it is important to do your research. Look for a contractor with experience in drain tile installation and a good reputation in the community. Ask for references and check their licensing and insurance. A reputable contractor will be happy to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

In addition, it is important to choose a contractor who uses high-quality materials. Drain tiles are an investment, and you want to ensure that the materials used will last for many years to come. A good contractor will be happy to explain the materials they use and the installation process.

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Couldn’t say enough good things about GSP! Quick and efficient service. I had a leak and a plugged sewer main; they did the job at great cost and the professionalism was outstanding. Highly recommend anyone to this company.
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My sink collapsed, water everywhere and had their restoration team and plumber at my apartment in less than 30 minutes on Sunday night at 9:30pm. Who else has a response time like that??? Nobody does. Call GSP, don’t waste your time with anyone else. For all your plumbing and restoration needs, there is nobody else doing it like they are!
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GSP Services provided us with excellent plumbing service. From the moment we called, they were courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They assessed our situation quickly and accurately, and provided clear and thoughtful advice on how to resolve our plumbing issues. GSP was prompt in arriving for the appointment and was incredibly efficient in completing the work. They took the time to explain the job and worked diligently to ensure the quality of their work. The attention to detail was evident every step of the way. We are absolutely impressed with the quality of work and customer service we received from GSP Services. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company to anyone in need of quality plumbing services.
Aaron Bonjour

Thank God for guiding us to find GSP Plumbing to fix the water main leaking outside of our house. Thank you for their professionalism and excellent service to fix the issue in few days. They are so responsive and target the problem right away. Thank you for their hard work and good following up service. All the best for your business.
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